2011 WKA Manufacturers Cup Round 4 – Wampum, PA

Shinya was very excited to be debuting his new helmet painted by Cornell Moore, the amazing artist at Ballistic Designs.

Day 1- Shinya started the weekend off qualifying 3rd in the Yamaha Supercan Lite class. He managed to make some improvements to the kart and had some more speed for the PreFinal. After the usual chaos at the start, Shinya found himself in 4th by the final lap and looking to gain more positions. Knowing he was faster, Shinya attempted to pass the kart in front of him, but was met with a blocking maneuver when the kart turned down on him, clipping him and sending him into the path of another kart, resulting in a collision. Shinya was able to get back on and managed to finish 10th in the PreFinal. Shinya was prepared to work hard and determined to move up in the Final. But his bad luck would continue when his motor cut off during the pace lap. He made it back to the grid for a restart, but unfortunately the green was thrown and the race was started without an additional pace lap to allow Shinya to get back into his starting position. So he was forced to start from the grid and get on the track a full 45 seconds or more after the rest of the field. This was disappointing because he had the speed as evidenced by his lap times in the Final and could have finished on the podium and possibly challenged for the win had it not been for the bad luck on the start. Shinya did manage to grab a couple of spots despite starting dead last way behind the field and he did set the fastest lap of the race. But a 16th place finish was a disappointing end to a day that started with such promise. After Round 4, Shinya is sitting in 3rd place in the National Championship points standings for Yamaha Supercan Lite.

The bad luck would continue in the TAG Parilla Leopard class. Shinya qualified 13th in a field of 33 karts, not bad in this extremely competitive class, but not as high up as he would have liked. The bad luck really kicked in during the PreFinal when as is so often the case in the TAG classes, Shinya was taken out in a wreck on lap 6 and had to settle for starting way back in the 29th spot for the Final. Shinya did, however, have a solid run in the Final, clicking off fast lap times and making his way through the field to finish in 17th place with the 6th fastest time overall. He was happy with the solid run but disappointed because had he not been starting so far back, he would have had a much better result.

Day 2 – Shinya was back in action in the Komet Lite class, putting in a solid qualifying effort and taking the 4th spot, .3 off the pole time. He found some more speed and had a great run in the PreFinal and was able to advance his position 2 spots to finish in 2nd and to cut his time down to within .13 of the pole-sitter and PreFinal winner. For the Final, Shinya found even more speed and got closer to the race winner with a time of only .087 off the leader, but was unable to have enough to get by him. Upon inspection of the kart back in the pits, Shinya discovered that his engine had moved and the chain was tight, so he would most certainly have been faster and would have been able to challenge for the win had it not been for the mechanical issue. But all in all, a 2nd place finish was a good end to the race weekend, especially considering all of the bad luck encountered the day before. The end of Round 4 finds Shinya in 2nd place in the National Championship points standings for Komet Lite.

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