FTRS Test Day 1

Well hey guys! Hope you are all having a wonderful day! This is my second blog post, and it will be quite a bit shorter, and without pictures unfortunately. Tomorrow should have some pictures.

Today was the first day of this two day test here at Fuji Speedway. I was scheduled to drive in the afternoon session for two and a half hours. The morning drivers had do drive on a track that was wet and then transitioned to dry conditions. I certainly learned a lot from watching them on track, despite being in difficult conditions. By the afternoon session, the track was completely dry. The session started out with me running two two lap consolation laps that ended with me having to switch to a completely different car due to some electrical troubles. Once in the new car, all things went well. The track was continuously getting faster and I definitely pushed the car to new lengths despite running a slower lap time than in December. At the end of the day I ended up in 2nd out of the 3 Formula Toyota 40 cars. I’m quite happy with this result and am really excited to further expand my speed tomorrow. After the on track action, we had a nice 1 hour seminar about the brakes and the new brakes being used in FCJ this season. Thank you Endless for all of the information on the brakes for this season and in the future!

That about wraps it up! As always, thanks to all of the guys with Toyota and the FTRS program for all the help and support! Be sure to check back tomorrow for the recap of the final day of testing, with pictures! As always be sure to check out my other social network platforms listed below! Have a nice day!

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