Suzuka Practice Day 1

Hello everyone! Sorry about the delay in the blog post. Yesterday was a long day and I got back to the Hotel quite late. So, I decided it was better to wait for the blog post at a time when I was a little bit less busy.

Yesterday was my first time being at Suzuka International Circuit. Well… on the track. I believe Suzuka Circuit was the first track that I ever went to at the mere age of 3 for a Formula 3 event. Only thing that I remember form the event was, I thought every red car was Michael Schumacher :D. The track conditions were not ideal but they were dry. It was drizzling almost the entire day but not enough to need rain tires by any means. In the first session I managed the 9th fastest lap time. Fastest of all the new drivers as well. 10th position in Session 2. And 6th Position in Session 3. I was very happy with the result at the end of the day. As a new driver, being able to learn enough of the track to get to 6th position is very good.

Stay tuned for the Day 2 blog post!

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