Motegi Race 1 and 2

Hey guys, I’ve been a bit busy the past few days. So I haven’t been able to update the blog accordingly. But, now that I’m home and have some spare time, I’m able to update it.

Saturday started with 2 back to back 15 minute qualifying sessions for race 1 and 2. Qualifying session 1 went well, I was able to set a decent lap time quite early and focus the rest of the session on running quicker lap times. On my fastest lap I made a slight mistake which cost me a bit of time. I qualified in P11 for race 1. The times were so close that 0.130 seconds of a lap faster would have moved me up to 5th position. For qualifying session 2 I struggled to put a lap together and only managed a 14th place grid position. For race 1, I made a crucial mistake on the clutch release for the start and had I not caught it quickly would have stalled. So I got off to a slow start and fell back to 13th position into turn 1. Later in the lap, the 2 cars that got in front of me on the start dropped wheels in the S’s and I immediately pounced with 2 back to back outside passes to gain those positions back. From there it was a matter of keeping gaps and trying to gain on the car in front. After the 12 lap race 1 I finished in 10th position.</p>
<p>Sunday saw race 2 early in the morning with the cars heading onto the grid starting from 8:15AM. I was feeling really good despite knowing that I had my work cut out for me from 14th on the grid. I got a great start and was able to move to 8th or 9th position on the exit of turn 2. Going into turn 3 I’m not 100% sure what happened but I became a pin ball and got sandwiched and then rear ended. My car had too much damage and I was forced to immediately retire from the race. This was a bit of a disappointment due to the start I had gotten, but these things happen in racing and you have to deal with them sometimes.

Thanks to everyone who helped me this weekend, FTRS, Le Beausset Motorsports, and Bandel.

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