Fuji Speedway Rounds 5-7

Hey guys. Sorry about the lack of blog posts in the last event. I was really trying my hardest to focus on my weekend because I needed to get some good finishes. This being said, I decided to just stick to my Facebook and Twitter social media accounts for the last event. This being said, lets continue with the blog post.

Saturday consisted of a qualifying session and two races. The weather on Saturday was very unpredictable and also made things very interesting for the race. Qualifying started off the weekend well with my best qualifying position to date. A 9th place starting position for round 5. Round 5 kicked off with a wet track. My first race driving in the rain, I think I showed that I could also be a pacey and smart driver in the wet as well. Despite getting un lucky and losing a few positions in the 3rd corner, I was able to fight my way back up to a respectable 9th place position. For round 6 I had to start from the 13th place position as the lap times I was running in the race prior were a bit off pace. Luckily, I was able to fight my way through the field in the wet to drying track and move all the way to 9th place. Had a shot at a 7th position finish but a mistake left me with a 9th place position.

For Sunday we only had Round 7 to do. After having to start this race in 11th I knew that I had to move forward early in order to try for any points. Unluckily in the first turn there was a crash involving two cars and the only place to go was off the track. So, moving all the way to the back of the field I then had a hard fought race to move back up to my 11th place finish. On the last few laps I was clear of the people in front and behind so I was able to try some new driving styles. And, I think that I was able to figure something out as I ran the 5th fastest lap time of the race on my final lap. Hopefully I can use this driving style in Suzuka where I am already quicker than other tracks.

The next event is in a few weeks time. The same weekend as F1 in Suzuka. FCJ will have 2 races as support races for the Formula 1 Japanese Grand Prix. I can’t wait to get to drive at such an event and hopefully I can put on a good show for the crowd and teams that will be there.

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