FCJ Round 2 Practice Day 2 – Motegi

Hey guys! It’s been a long day, so I’m going to keep things a bit short tonight. I’ve got an early morning tomorrow as well, and would like to get to sleep.

Onward to better things… today had 4, 1 hour practice sessions. Finished in P6 for practice session 1. P9 for practice session 2. Then the rain came, which made things quite interesting. You could not see a single thing if you were within 300 meters of the car in front. Ended up finishing the session in a solid 8th position despite being my first time driving the car in the rain. The final session was very tricky as well. We switched to slicks half way through the session. And the track was drying every lap. So the last few people driving the course at the end of the session would have the best track. I unfortunately was one of the first drivers to cross the finish line and was moved to 10th position in the final lap.

Thanks to Formula Toyota Racing School, Ban Del, Let Beausset Motorsports for their help today! See you guys tomorrow.

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